King George V 1937 Silver Crown


  • The only Silver Crown coin minted during the reign of King George VI
  • The last Silver Crown ever put into circulation in Britain
  • Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity

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By the year 1937 the crown coin was not regularly issued for circulation but a decision was taken to issue a crown coin as part of the new coinage of the new King George VI. This was the only silver crown coin minted during the reign of this monarch, and would be the last silver crown ever put into circulation in Britain.

The design shows the Royal Arms of Great Britain supported by a Lion and Unicorn. At the time it was issued this design was considered a break with tradition which, since 1818 had used the design of  slaying the dragon on crown coins in circulation. This design was in fact a return to tradition – not a departure – as much earlier silver crowns of Edward VI, Elizabeth I, James I and Charles I had all featured the Royal Arms within a shield as the design.

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Metal type

Silver 0.500 purilty


Grade 6

Accompanied By

Comes in a Sterling Mint case with a certificate of authenticity


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King George V 1937 Silver Crown
King George V 1937 Silver Crown