About the NHS Charities Together Covid-19 Appeal

NHS Charities Together Covid-19 Appeal

The crisis brought about by Coronavirus has changed attitudes forever. For example, nobody will ever regard a hospital cleaner as a lowly position ever again; delivery drivers won’t be called “white van men” without an impassioned defence of the vital role they have played. Perhaps even more importantly, we’ve healed some of the wounds caused by the interminable Brexit debate. The people of this country came together again when they needed to. 750,000 brave souls put their country before themselves in signing up to volunteer for the NHS – in fact the NHS had to suspend further applications because they were overwhelmed with response. We can look each other in the face again (albeit 2 metres apart) and see the positives once more.

Most of all, however, we have all been reminded of our most important national asset, The National Health Service, and of the incredible people that staff it. The weekly clapping of the NHS and all of our key workers was an uplifting experience when it was needed most. However, clapping doesn’t begin to thank these people for their contribution to the nation. By gifting a “Heroes of 2020” medal, you can acknowledge what someone you know has done and you can contribute towards our donation efforts for the NHS Charities Together Covid-19 Appeal.

NHS Charities Together is the trading name of the Association of NHS Charities. Registered Charity No 1186569   Company No  12325259

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