20 Facts About The Royal Family

Discover 20 Fascinating Facts About The Royal Family That Will Leave You Astonished Currently, six out of ten Britons favour the British Royal Family, and over the years more and more people have become obsessed with the Royal Family, and love to keep up to date with what they are doing. Of course, any news […]

silver coin collecting commemorative coins

Journey into the World of Commemorative Coins

Uncover Hidden Treasures: A Journey into the World of Commemorative Coins Whether you are just embarking on this new and exciting journey into the world of commemorative coins, or are already an avid coin collector, there is tonnes of information and advice out there to help you with everything you need to know about collectable […]

The Ultimate Royal Family Lovers Gift Guide

A Royal Treat: Discover the Perfect Gift for Fans of the Royal Family! Do you know someone who is a Royalist? Maybe you have a family member or friend who is obsessed with the Royal Family? If so, then events such as birthdays and Christmas are the best time for you to give the royalist […]


What is Numismatics and who are Numismatists?

What is Numismatics? Numismatics, derived from the Greek word “nomisma” meaning “coin,” is the study and collection of coins and currency. It encompasses various aspects, including the historical, cultural, artistic, and economic significance of coins. Numismatics provides a window into the past, allowing collectors to explore different civilizations, rulers, and events through the coins they […]

history of the silver crown

A Collectors Guide to Silver Crown Coins

A Collectors Guide to Silver Crown Coins Are you an avid collector looking to delve into the fascinating world of coin collecting? Coin collecting is a hobby that has captured the hearts of enthusiasts around the globe. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you on a captivating exploration of the art of collecting commemorative […]

silver commemorative coins

The Ultimate Guide to Commemorative Coins

Unlock the Secrets of Coin Collecting: The Ultimate Guide to Commemorative Coins Do you have a passion for history? Perhaps you have a love for the Royal Family? If you pair these interests with the enjoyment of collecting coins, then what better way to add commemorative coins into the mix! Commemorative coins are essentially what […]

Storing your coin collection

The Best Way to Store Your Coin Collection

Discover the best way to store your coin collection So you’ve set out on your coin collecting journey – that’s great! There is no better feeling than the buzz you get from bagging yourself rare coins, and watching your collection grow over time. As one of the most popular hobbies out there, coin collecting is […]

Rare Double Portrait Silver Coins

Uncover the Fascinating World of Commemorative Coins: Rare Double Portraits That Will Leave You in Awe! The King’s coronation earlier this year was an absolutely momentous occasion that will forever be etched in history. Witnessing the crowning of King Charles III and Queen Camilla was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was a sight to behold, […]

coin collection top tips

Top Tips For Starting a Coin Collection

Unlock the secrets to a successful coin collection: Top tips for beginners Have you been introduced to the world of numismatics, and have no idea where to start? Beginning a coin collecting journey can be daunting, as there are numerous paths to follow depending on the metal, denomination or theme. The key to a successful […]

Limited Edition Commemorative Coins

Top 5 Limited Edition Commemorative Coins

Five Limited Edition Commemorative Coins That Will Take Your Collection to the Next Level Whether you are an expert or a novice, coin collecting is an incredibly rewarding pastime, and adding commemorative coins to your collection is the best way to raise your collecting game. Commemorative coins often signify a historic event or anniversary, so […]

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