Caring For Your Silver Coins and Medals

So here you are, you’ve started your silver coin and medal collection, or you’ve been lucky enough to be gifted a silver medal from our Heroes of 2020 range. Now the next steps are knowing exactly how to take care of them, to prevent any damage and keep them shining bright forever.

Continue reading to find out how to store, handle and really enjoy your coins and medals, meaning you can treasure them for years to come.

What are our silver coins and medals made up of?

It’s important to know exactly what you are dealing with when owning a silver coin. All of our coins and medals are struck in silver, with some being made to what is called ‘proof’ finish, which is the highest quality possible. Some of our ranges have also been struck in pure 999 hallmarked silver (99.9% purity), such as the Heroes of 2020 range, to give a ‘mirrored’ appearance.

How should you store and handle your coins?

Silver is much easier to tarnish, scratch or scuff, than say gold, so it requires a little more care. You should always ensure that you avoid storing your silver coins and medals anywhere that is too humid. 

Also, silver coins (especially in proof condition) should never be directly handled with bare hand. They are almost always supplied in a clear plastic capsule, to protect them from elements such as dirt, dust and oils. However, if you do wish to handle your coins, always wear cotton gloves when doing so. 

Tarnish may still occur, and so if you wish to clean the tarnish because of your aesthetic preference, do so with serious care. We would always advise that if your silver coins and medals get tarnished in any way, to visit a local silver coin specialist for advice. 

What is tarnish?

Tarnish is caused by a chemical reaction that occurs when silver is exposed to air, humidity and dirt. This reaction forms a layer on top of the silver, making it appear to the eye as dark and discoloured. However, tarnish doesn’t affect the silver in any way other than its appearance, and the process can be slower or faster depending on the quality of the coin finish. 

Now that you know everything about how to take care of silver medals and coins, you are ready to own your own and enjoy your new collection. Whether that be one special medal or an array of differing silver coins. Take a look at our Heroes of 2020 Silver Medal Range here, or shop all silver coins here.

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