The Heroes of 2020 #3

Kriss Spencer - Emergency Medical Technician

Kriss Spencer leaving for work in Cheshire at the NHS Ambulance Service


It’s been extremely hard for everyone during this terrible time. Myself, my colleagues and all other key workers have continued to go to work, not knowing if we are going to contract the virus and take it home to our loved ones. Living with my parents makes it especially tough for me as I don’t know if I’m bringing it home to them and if they’re going to become poorly. 

I’m trying to remain as positive as possible and I’m trying to keep my girlfriend positive. Due to not living together the lockdown has been tough, we both celebrated our birthdays recently and we couldn’t see each other. However we’ve continued to smile and kept each other positive with our FaceTimes and quizzes with other family members online.

A medal to recognise the contribution made by our nations heroes is a fantastic idea and a great piece of memorabilia to remember the time we came together as a nation and fought this horrible virus.

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  1. Auntie Debbie

    Well done Kriss you and your colleagues are doing an amazing job we are going threw some strange times at the moment and it doesn’t feel so real keep up the fantastic work that you all are doing keep safe and my heart goes out to all of you your amazing Xxxxxx

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